MX Podcast with Dan Roberts

Self care with Kim Ingleby

September 16, 2020 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 8
MX Podcast with Dan Roberts
Self care with Kim Ingleby
Show Notes

Kim Ingleby is an award-winning Mind & Body coach, Writer, TedX Speaker, Consultant to Stictly Come Dancing, Charity Fudraiser, Performance Coach to numerous Team GB athletes and a former Team GB athlete herself.   

Her approach to helping others is deeply holistic and she uses her own life experiences to give real insights and wisdom to her clienetele. I've known Kim for many years and have always been a fan of her work. 

In todays episode she shares her tips and insight into coping with this pandemic, her thought on social media and on how the fitness industry has changed. We also chat about her career and how she came through some very tough times. Always candid and thoghtful in her advice... I'm sure you will gain some vaulable lessons from listening today. 

It's a long episode.. around 80 minutes, so why not grab your trainers and enjoy the fresh air while you go for walk (or maybe try and run 15K!)  

To find out more about Kim:
Social @KimIngleby

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