MX Podcast with Dan Roberts

Navigating Instagram in 2022 with Johanna Renoth

April 25, 2022 Dan Roberts
MX Podcast with Dan Roberts
Navigating Instagram in 2022 with Johanna Renoth
Show Notes

In today's show, I chat with Social Media expert Johanna  Renoth.  As she is currently doing her PhD on Instagram, we focus on the good, bad and ugly of this platform and discuss how we as individuals should try to improve our relationship with it.
In this far-reaching and fascinating chat, we cover many topics, including the evolution of social media, the algorithm, influencers' personal branding, dating, mental health, technology, attention, tribalism,  politics, culture, society and we discuss various ways to make sure social media works for you, not against you.

My guest Johanna is a researcher on technology and its effects on culture, well-being, and democracy She shares her findings and personal experiences as a writer, speaker, and coach.

Her mission is to help people and societies build healthier, more empowered relationships with technology and social media by sharing practical tools and knowledge about tech - especially for non-techies. She's been a tech founder and entrepreneur, VC fellow, executive coach, duty editor, crisis reporter, and researcher, among other things. Her current PhD-level research is on Instagram and the effects of technology on democracies, culture, and well-being. You can follow her tips on Insta @johannarenoth and find out more at

I really enjoyed this episode... I hope you do too! 


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